About Us

The best gift that you can prepare for your kid is actually a peace of mind as they enter university. Some of us are just like yourself – parents. We yearn to give the best for them and we know that sacrifice is necessary and delayed gratification just part of the equation. Although your kid can take a university study loan prior to embarking their undergraduate life, it is apt to only plan for the future. If they are smart enough to get a scholarship – GREAT and you can keep the surplus funds for your retirement. You are in control! But what if they can’t get that coveted scholarship? They would then have to scramble for a study loan and repay it over their working years. Ideally, their working years should be geared towards getting their first home or even getting their investments kickstarted. We are a group of sincere, bona fide and earnest people that wants to help! Are you at a lost on what to plan for and how to go about it? Have you estimated the cost required? Have you taken into account inflation and tuition fee increases? If you are keen to find out more about how much it costs to study locally, you can go here. If you do find the information we furnish here at this site useful, do share it. To share is to care!